Mostar is a city with a rich history and a unique atmosphere. Its main attraction is the famous Old Bridge, a symbol of unity and overcoming division. When I first saw this architectural beauty, my heart skipped a beat with delight. The Old Bridge, restored after the war, is not only a cultural monument but also a symbol of peace and rebirth

Walking through the streets of Mostar, I immersed myself in the atmosphere of eastern charm. Narrow pedestrian paths, market squares, and cafes where you can enjoy aromatic coffee or traditional Bosnian sweets - all of this creates an unforgettable feeling of diving into the history and culture of this amazing city

Tabija Fortress (Tabija - bastion)

Tabija Fortress (Tabija - bastion) or Golo Brdo Fortress (brdo - hill), or Haj Fortress, is the southernmost fortress of the Austro-Hungarian fortification system in the region of Zuyd. The best way to climb up to the fortress is from the southern side of the mountain (Sutomore city beach) via a gravel road. The approximate construction date is 1862, built by the Turks and later owned by the Austrians

Fortress Tabija

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How to get to the Tabia fortress

Getting to the Tabia fortress is not difficult. You can climb up the Golo Brdo hill, where the fortress is located, in several ways. From the Sutomore side, on the left side of the hill, there is a path that offers beautiful views of Sutomore and the Adriatic Sea. The only difficulty will be getting into the fortress from this side, as there is no entrance. There are several stones that are stacked on top of each other and used to enter the fort from this direction.

You can also use the old road to the fortress, which was probably laid in the 19th century. By climbing over the different stones, you can come to the main entrance of the fortress. To do this, you need to choose the path that runs through the center of the Golo Brdo hill from Sutomore

Old Budva is the perfect place for a love story

The old town of Budva is a true gem of typical Venetian and Mediterranean architecture. It's worth seeing this place at least once to fall in love with it forever. Every square centimeter of old Budva hides a story. Every square meter of this location is perfect for a photoshoot. A powerful fortress, inside of which lies a medieval city in its original form - with narrow streets, squares, and stone stairs that lead to graceful houses with small windows framed by hewn frames and red tile roofs. Antique lanterns and numerous reliefs complete this touching picture of medieval Budva. Let's not forget about the stunning sea that washes the fortress. You can shoot here for the whole day. The result will delight you for years to come.

A woman dresses to be undressed

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Family photoshoot as one of the ways to spend time

In addition to work, household chores, and other routine activities, there should be a place for pleasant leisure time with family in our lives. The first thing that comes to mind is visiting parks, cinemas, restaurants, and circuses. But family leisure time can also be diversified with a photo shoot. Of course, everyone has a modern smartphone in their pocket these days, which is capable of taking good pictures, but a professional photographer with his set of cameras and lenses will allow you to keep the pictures in the best quality. Ideas for a photo shoot can be both simple and requiring long preparation with a lot of props. In our case, we went on a trip to nature, had a cup of tea, and had a great mood. When you really love your family and do everything with pleasure, the pictures turn out lively and cool. A professional in their field will skillfully see the right light, suggest poses and what to do in the frame. Often, the latter is very simple if you relax and enjoy yourself. Thus, you can combine family leisure time and a photo shoot, which will keep this day in your memory for years to come...

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